Festival of wine and cultural heritage Avgustiada 2018

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Stara Zagora and the company OINORAMA wine consulting & business solutions with the support of theMunicipality of Stara Zagora are organizing the Festival of wine and cultural heritage Avgustiada 2018 which shall take place from 12 to 14 October 2018 in the facilities of the Regional Historical Museum – Stara Zagora and other sites in the city.

The Festival tends to become even more successful over the years. Its unique atmosphere and the growing number of exhibitors and visitors, incl. from abroad, turned this event into a remarkable one for Stara Zagora and rank it among the leading once in the wine expositions calendar in Bulgaria.

AVGUSTIADA 2018 shall for third time elect its AVGUSTIADA QUEEN to act as Ambassador of the Festival. The first two AVGUSTIADA QUEENS have successful completed their task to promote wide the festival and Stara Zagora on tourism forums and other events.

The Roma villa Chatalka is the cultural-historic focus of the festival. during the dedicated exhibition and presentation the guests shall have the opportunity to become aware of unique facts on this site which proves a great touristic potential and located only 30 km from Stara Zagora.

Switzerland is the international focus of this year exhibition on which other countries shall be also presented some of which are already traditional participants. The cultural part of the festival is continued developing. Master Classes – Varieties of olives, types of olive oils and way of consumptionand Chocolate and wine – unusual combination of taste and perception shall be organized. The forum has a rich and diverse program of the Stara Zagora State Opera and many other bands.

Please, find attached invitation and the program of Avgustiada 2018. More information on the festival is to be found on www.avgustiada.com, and short video presentation – here www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P1VDCcatPY

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