Sustainable Implementation of the DVET in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian - Swiss Chamber of Commerce started in May 2018 the implementation of the project "Support for the Establishment and Institutionalization of Public-Private Structures at Central and Local Level aimed at Sustainable Implementation of the DVET in Bulgaria", as part of DOMINO project.

Pursuant to the stipulations of the Thematic Fund Agreement and the stage of implementation of the DOMINO Project so far, the overall objective of the current Project is to support the further sustainable implementation of the DVET model in Bulgaria, developed by the DOMINO Project, based on efficient Public-Private Partnerships on central and local level.

Based on this, the main goals of the Project are:

a. To assist the VET Directorate of MES in its role of Secretariat of the Consultative Council on VET to the Minister of Education and Science by the further development and legislative regulation of the DVET system in Bulgaria and its successful integration in to the National Professional Education System (CC on VET), by:

- Assistance to the VET Directorate and the Minister by the founding of the CC on VET;
- Support by the preparation of the rules of work of the CC on VET and by the organisation of its operation;
- Establishment, organisation of work, moderation and assistance with the logistics of the Recourse Working Group (RWG) to the VET Directorate with the MES and to the CC on VET;

b. To boost the establishment of sustainable local partnerships between professional schools and companies for implementing DVET (DVET Partnerships), by:

- Stocktaking of the exiting partnerships between professional schools and companies in the regions implementing DVET (already involved in DOMINO Project and others);
- Studying the international experience of cooperation on local level aimed at implementing DVET;
- Development of models for organisational structure of the partnerships with options for involvement not only of schools and companies but also local authorities, branch and local chambers, parents, etc..
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