Further support to the implementation of Dual education in Bulgaria
The Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce has been recognized as an important partner in the introduction and implementation of the dual vocational education and training (DVET) in Bulgaria, based on the Swiss model. The Chamber participated in the project “Swiss Support for the Introduction of the Dual-Track Principals in the Bulgarian Vocational Education System” (DOMINO project) for the period 2015 – 2019. BSCC’ involvement was focused on the work with all stakeholders participating in dual VET, including state institutions, schools, employers’ organizations, trade unions, NGOs, parents and other bilateral chambers, in particular. This has been applied through the moderation of the DVET Forum and the National Coordination Group.

Since 2019 BSCC has been officially mandated by the Ministry of Education and Science to support the work of the Consultative Council on Vocational Education and Training (VET) to the Minister of Education and Science and the Resource Working Group.

At local level, the Chamber works towards facilitating the process of establishing local partnerships between VET schools and companies for implementing DVET by developing models for organizational structure of the partnerships. At central level, the Chamber cooperates with the VET Directorate of MES in its role as a Secretariat for the establishment and moderation of the Consultative Council on VET to the Minister of Education and Science and the Resource Working Group (RWG).
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