CERN presents MUSIC of Physics

A team of scientist at CERN, Geneva, has managed to map live events data from physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider into musicical notes. They worked side by side with composers and musicians for improvising the data to be turned into amazing interactive musical soundscapes. Following the  Montreaux Jazz festival perfomances (2013,2014,2015)the Bulgarian audience will also be amused by the unique magic combination of physics and music. Enjoy the exciting musical sound to sense how physicists explore the mysteries of our Universe.


The Physics of the LHC: Seeking the Composition of Our Universe (Steven Goldfarb)

The Music of the LHC: Physics and Composition (Roger Zare with the Silhouettes Chamber Ensemble) The Theremin: Physics and Instrumentation (Dorit Chrysler) The Cosmic Piano: Music of the Cosmos (Guillermo Tejeda Munoz and Arturo Fernandez Tellez with Pianist Karolina Koynova) A Musical Experiment (Everyone)

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