The Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce invites all its members and partners to attend the event to be held on June 3, 2010, at 18h00 in hotel Radisson, hall 6.

Human Capital Development Seminar – Hotel Radisson, hall 6, 18:00 h.

SAG-KABA (Stiftung Arbeitsgestaltung) is a non profit organization working in various fields of employment and education in Switzerland. One of their programs is “Employment in Central and Eastern Europe”. Within this program they find opportunities for unemployed people from Switzerland for temporary (6-month) jobs in Eastern Europe. The Program is supported by SECO (Swiss State Secretariat on Economics).  Out of 166’000 unemployed people in Switzerland, only 150 can qualify for this program after several assessments. These are mostly people with a high standard of education, working experience and also a certain social competence and high motivation.  These candidates worked mainly in leading positions and lost their jobs due mergers of big companies and the general crisis on the market in Switzerland.


The company in Eastern Europe hosting such a person benefits from the big experience of these people. The salary during this 6 month is fully covered from the Swiss unemployment insurance. This means that the companies in Bulgaria only have to cover the housing costs for this period. It is obvious that this is a kind of a win-win situation for the company and the employee. He can enlarge his experience and on the other hand, the hosting company can profit from the experience and education of the candidate to be used in special projects or training and raising the competence of the local staff.

The program is running successfully in different countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and others. Three persons also visited successfully Bulgaria; one is still active in the program.

Mr. Jerry Schlegel of SAG-KABA will inform about the program and answer your specific questions.


Human Capital Development Seminar – Hotel Radisson, hall 6, 18:00 h.

Program for stimulating the professional and key competencies improvement among the employees of the companies you represent through the “Az moga” (“I Can”) Program of the National Employment Agency

The “I Can” Program is launched by the National Employment Agency under the Human Resource Development Operational Program, funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union. The program provides free training vouchers at various amounts to all interested individuals who want to improve professional and key competencies skills. The program requires no other funding but only the initiative of each individual to enroll in the local Labour Bureau for the Program. The fields in which each participant can be trained include:

– Communication and soft skills

– Foreign languages

– IT skills

– Training skills

– Social Skills

– Management and entrepreneurship

One individual can obtain one voucher for a key competence and one for professional qualification which is why advising your employees on their training needs and directing them to a particular training opportunity guarantees the effect of the program within your organization.

Guest speaker on the topic will be Ms Nadezhda Mihaylova, Training and Development Manager of Consulteam Human Capital Bulgaria.

Consulteam HCB is one of the leading HR consulting companies in Bulgaria and an authorized provider of Key Competencies trainings under the “I Can” program.

During the presentation you will receive the following information:

– Who can apply under the “I can” program

– What is the application process

– What are the benefits from the program, what to expect and what  not to expect

– The time frames and outcomes

Nadezhda will be there to answer all your other questions concerning both the “I Can” program and relevant human resource issues.

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