LeadFit Global LTD
Mission statement

At LeadFit Global, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to flourish in an ever-evolving world by nurturing well-rounded critical thinkers who possess the character, wisdom, and skills to drive positive change. We achieve this through cutting-edge, evidence-based training, coaching, and consulting services that unlock human potential.

Vision statement

In a world where every person can confidently and successfully utilize their unique talents, we envision a future where both individuals and organizations thrive. Our focus is to serve as a beacon of transformative leadership, making a tangible impact by fulfilling the needs and aspirations of leaders and contributing to a better world.

Address: 1, Platschkovitsa Str, Sofia 1164, Bulgaria
Contact person: Aneta Krumova Mladenova-Natova
Phone: +359886600422
E-mail: aneta.natova@leadfitglobal.org
Website: https://leadfitglobal.org/