EMKA JSC was established in 1936 in Sevlievo town and it is a private  joint stock company of the group of Holding INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL JSC.

The production range includes: insulated wires and cables with PVC insulation, cables with special insulation (halogen-free, polyurethane), especially flexible cables, special purpose cables; bare copper and aluminum, round and rectangular conductors; enameled copper wires; winding wires; PVC compounds. The products of EMKA JSC with their proven quality are well known and they have an established name on the international market. The company has a modernized production, which is constantly evolving and competing on the world market.

Additional information about EMKA JSC and the product range can be found on the website: www.emka-bg.com.



30, Nikola Petkov St.

5400 – Sevlievo


Contact person: Teodor Tatev – Procurator
Phone: 0675 3 28 68
E-mail: emka@nat.bg;


Website: http://www.emka-bg.com