BUNKER BG is the first company in Bulgaria specializing in the design and construction of underground bunkers, home protection and panic rooms.

Our mission is to create security and protection. We draw up custom designed projects that meet all requirements for a safe survival and provide amenities to make the customer feel like in a second home. We believe that peace of mind for living comes first, so we are uncompromising in quality.

We build bunkers under the backyard of houses, in the foundations of newly built ones or at a location specified by the client.

”Home Protection” is a service that securitizes your entire home, part of it or any other premises to protect you from intrusions of various kinds. We also create Panic Rooms of the highest level of security.

Designing and building a private bunker as well as protecting the home are a huge responsibility. It is about preserving human life. We work with foreign companies with a history in life support systems that have proven to be successful in countering riots, chemical, biological and nuclear attacks. Our team is made up of physicists, engineers, constructors, technicians and many others who ensure accuracy of the calculations.

Information about the client and the location of each bunker and site is confidential.

Address: 8, Tsar Shishman Street, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact person: Deya Efremova
Phone: +359 888 009 909
E-mail: info@bunkerbg.com
Website: https://bunkerbg.com/en/