M&M Militzer & Munch

Forwarding — Transportation — Logistics to / from / in the East: M&M is the right partner.
We are the leading specialists for the East.
We build on our own tight network in the East. In the West, we have our own companies as well as strong alliances. We attach importance to IT–aided processes and are driven exclusively by the needs of our customers.
The quality thought is a constituent of our philosophy.
M&M Militzer & Munch BG is established 4 October 1991 as a daughter company of M&M International Holding AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland. At present M&M is the the leading transport and logistics services provider in Bulgaria. The total investment of the M&M Group in Bulgaria exceeds 20 Million Euro.

Main office:
Terminal, Sofia 1336,
11 Andrey Germanov Str.
(+359 2) 984 57 10
(+359 2) 984 57 16
E-mail: militzer@mumbg.com
Contact Person: Sasho Todorov