Industrieconsult Ltd.

Industrieconsult Ltd. is a consulting company established in 1992. Until 1999 it is a Swiss company and after successful Management buy-out in 1999 it becomes a Bulgarian entity.

The company operates in the field of project preparation and management, management consulting and strategic planning. It possesses broad experience in the organisation and management of processes that require co-operation and reaching consensus among all stakeholders, interested in the development of a given region or economic sector.

The portfolio of services includes consultation on EU-funded projects, development of business strategies, sector strategies, local economic development, moderation and training.

Since November 2010 Industrieconsult Ltd. has taken the functions of the Secretariat of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Vassil Radoynovski – Managing Director, mobile: +359 888 420826.
1606 Sofia
33A Lyulin Planina Str.
tel.: +359 2 951 55 33