NGO – BBCWFI is a voluntary non-profit association. BCWFI is the only official representative of employers in the Furniture, Woodworking, Manufacturing and supply of equipment and materials for the woodworking and furniture sectors in Bulgaria. BBCWFI has 350 members, including 1 university and 7 professional schools.

Main Activities
Information and consulting services;
Training courses;
Support for increasing the competitiveness of the companies;
Services for the internationalization.
Main Activities:
Organizational functions, administration, membership drive, relation with members, relation with public;
Opening dialogue and discussion, participation in formal consultative machinery, direct representation with the governments and public authorities, other forms of representations for the interest of members;
Provision of information, consultancy, assistance to members, training and educational activities in the form of seminar and workshops.
Provision of information on technology upgrades and innovations, international markets, programs to support small and medium enterprises, on legislative and regulatory changes regarding the sectors;
Market analysis and statistics;
Organizing promotional events - participation in international exhibitions; trade missions, B2Bmeetings;
Working on International projects in support for the members.
BBCWFI in partnership with Inter Expo Center organize annually the international exhibitions WORLD OF FURNITURE and TECHNOMEBEL. Both exhibitions are unique for the Woodworking and Furniture sectors in Bulgaria.
31 - Manufacture of furniture
Current number of employees
All employees: 1-9
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