Manufacturing of turbines and engines (without airplane engines). Vaptech is a project-oriented corporation, which is a worldwide supplier of tools, machines and services for water power plants; processing of sheet metals and custom-made installations for biomass. The corporation is also a manufacturer of power equipment, forging machines, metal-cutting and metal-processing machines, components and details of machines, apparatus and spare parts, tools and many more for the heavy industry and the agriculture. Additionally, it is producing equipment and details for all kinds of renewable energy plants, as well as installations for separation and processing of waste (waters).

Main Activities
Design, manufacturing, sale and deployment
Maintenance of power equipment, forging machines and their tools, lines for processing of biomass, metal-cutting and metal-processing machines, details and components for different machines, apparatus and spare parts.
Maintenance of the entire life-cycle of a water power plant.
Financing and participation in projects, related to the use of renewable energy sources, including building and equipping of water power plants, as well as in the building of all other different power plants, using renewable energy.
Maintenance in the electronics, automatics and mechanics industries.
Manufacturing and deployment of distribution boxes and systems for monitoring and control of the products, produced by VAPTECH (all base on the Siemens Solutions).
Deployment and maintenance of power networks, installations and power plants.
Development, deployment and maintenance of software and hardware, related to the IT industry.
28 - Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
Current number of employees
All employees: 250
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