UniCredit Bulbank will support its clients, affected by the COVID-19 crisis

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Bulbank’s top priority.

The Bank is ready to support its clients affected by the COVID-19 crisis by offering them specific actions and a mechanism to facilitate the servicing of their credit obligations.

The clients of the bank that have a loan obligation and already have or expect difficulties in servicing them due to COVID-19 crisis and extraordinary measures, may request a postponement of the repayment. The only condition is the loan obligation to be with regular payments or delay up to 90 days, as of 01.03.2020 and to have the contract signed before 31.03.2020.

The bank will offer its clients different mechanisms for postponement: grace period for principal and interest up to 6 months; only principal deferral up to 6 months and a mechanism, applicable to revolving products. Clients that do not fully meet the criteria or need a different solution to those proposed in the mechanisms may also seek assistance by contacting the bank. The choice of the deferral mechanism is mutually agreed between the parties.

UniCredit Bulbank has always been a responsible corporate citizen and over the past few weeks our entire team has worked hard to prepare us in the best possible way and in the unprecedented conditions of COVID-19 distribution to continue to assist you effectively, as we have done so far. We are ready to support clients who are having difficulty paying off their loan with concrete relief measures, always suggesting the best solution ”, commented Teodora Petkova, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank.

Application for deferral does not require a visit to a branch of UniCredit Bulbank. It can be done entirely through the bank’s digital channels. The clients need to fill in the online form on UniCredit Bulbank’s website – for individual clients or legal entities – and employees of the bank they will contact them. The Call Centre of the bank is also available at 0 700 18484 (short 18484).

The deferral request should be applied – online or via the Call Centre, not later than 22.06.2020.

The grace period has a maximum term of up to 6 months, which expires by 31.12.2020, with each client having the opportunity to cancel the granted grace period earlier than foreseen and to request preparation of a new repayment plan.

More information is available on the dedicated section on UniCredit Bulbank website: https://www.unicreditbulbank.bg/en/covid-19/

UniCredit Bulbank will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone’s best interests and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders!

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