Twentieth Annual Regular General Assembly of BSCC

The 20th Annual Regular General Assembly of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) was held on October 1, 2020 at the Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia, Mozart Hall.

Instructions on the application of anti-epidemiological measures in connection with COVID-19 were sent in advance to the members of BSCC and observed during the event.

Over 50 representatives of the members of BSCC were officially welcomed by HE Muriel Berset Kohen and Mr. Boni Bonev, Chairman, BSCC Managing Board.

The meeting was chaired by Atty. Teodor Bozhinov, Deputy Chairman of BSCC. According to the agenda, the annual financial report and the report on the activities of the chamber for 2019 were presented and voted for by all present members. The report of the controlling commission was presented by Mr. Mirolyub Vutov, Mattig-Levercom (member of BSCC). V. Radoynovski (Head of the BSCC Secretariat) presented the plan and budget for the activities of the Chamber for 2020, noting what is to come by the end of the year.

The members of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce gave their vote for a new 5-year mandate of the Managing Board of the association, which is increased to 6 members with the presence of Ms. Verka Aleksieva, General Manager of LEM Bulgaria.

The Managing Board of the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce for the next 5 years is composed as follows:

Boni Bonev – Chairman
Teodor Bozhinov – Deputy chairman
Verka Aleksieva – member
Reto Seiler – member
Marcel Staub – member
Hannes Rosenmund – member

The Swiss Embassy in Bulgaria continues to be an Ex-officio member of the Board.

Attached below is the approved BSCC Annual Financial Report for 2019.

After the General Assembly Meeting, all attendees were invited to an official dinner in Shakespeare Hall, taking into consideration the anti-epidemiological measures in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Attached Documents:
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