The Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on 20.03.2013

The BSCC meeting of March 2013, held at the Sheraton Hotel, was a more special one because for the first time all the presented new members were not-for-profit organisations. The non-profit sector as an exception was in the focus of the event that in principle gathers business representatives.

We had the pleasure to learn personally from Ms. Manuela Maleeva about the activity of the Swissclinical Foundation, established in 2008 by the three Maleevi sisters and their friends and supporting children with orthopaedic problems in Bulgaria. Swissclinical works in close collaboration with the Stara Zagora Community Donation Fund whose Chairperson Ms. Daniela Dimitrova also presented the activities in support of the children with orthopaedic problems. She emphasized on the excellent co-operation with Swissclinical and with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Stara Zagora, whose Chairman Oleg Stoilov also attended the meeting. (Presentation)

The next presentation was of the Animus Association Foundation. Its director, Ms. Nadezhda Stoycheva outlined the main activities in fulfilment of the Animus Mission of  promoting healthy communication between people and gender equality in Bulgarian society. The Foundation maintains a Bulgarian National Help-line for Children, a Crisis Unit for children and women victims of domestic violence and offers psychotherapeutic help and psychoanalysis. (Presentation)

Ms. Aneta Kirova from the Karl Gustav Jung Bulgarian Society of Analytical Psychology presented the other new Chamber member. She spoke about the psychotherapeutic assistance that the organisation provides and about the trainings for psychotherapists with Jungian orientation. (Presentation)

The last presentation was that of the Anglo-American School of Sofia delivered by its Director, Mr. Jim Urquhart. The accent is Mr. Urquhart’s speech was that in times when one can find any information on the Internet, the teachers are responsible for attracting and maintaining the attention of their students.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Gerasimov from the Swiss Embassy presented the current status of the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme. (Presentation)

According to the tradition, the event was followed by a cocktail.

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