WealthLock – Embrace The Unknown. Achieve Reality.® “Your trusted Partners in unifying your Vision & Purpose, ethically guiding to beyond legacy – recognising value. On time. In time. ” WealthLock® is a pioneering B2B & B2C Hybrid Business Consultancy, applying refined operational methodologies with predictive Cloud analytics platforms, primarily operating in the European market, consisting of an in-house Expert Team, collectively harnessing 60+ years of proven Global expertise.

Our core values – united – focusing on returning consistent VALUE over TIME invested.

Committed on a mission of continuous process innovation and disrupting the traditional MCS sector – WealthLock® partners & targets Financial | IT | Luxury & Private Sectors, providing them with highly specialised, tailored services, by engaging in deep analysis of complexities in clients’ business environment, owning strategic integrations of data-driven solutions for predictive operational continuity & controlled future business development. Our services & primary domains: Digital Transformation | Sustainability & ESG, CSR | Cybersecurity | Customer Experience | Analytics & Data Science.

Address: Str. Atanas Dalchev 10, Sofia

Contact person: Martin Dimitrov

Phone: +359 899 845 529

E-mail: mmdwealthlock@gmail.com  | martin.dimitrov@wealthlock.io

Website: www.wealthlock.io