Swiss Approval Black Sea Ltd.
Swiss Approval Black Sea, based in Burgas is a member of Swiss Approval International network, an independent Inspection and Certification body.

Swiss Approval is offering the full range of management systems, own «accredited» certification schemes.

Swiss Approval offers a number of relevant «Brand Certifications» in Hospitality, S&W Sert related to the customer’s Safety and M&W Cert for Health/Medical Tourism, aims to be acting as the trustworthy and valuable partner with regards to quality assurance programs addressed to all Health care Providers consumer and employee safety orientated.

Swiss Approval is authorised to execute Industrial Third and Second Party Inspections of industrial production processes, constructions and equipment.

Swiss Approval perform Advanced NDT inspections, validation and verification of models, stress analysis of materials, technical assessment of products and constructions. Our Advanced NDT activity, is developed by our own equipment and qualified employees, and it is strictly related to Welding Inspection & Corrosion Mapping.

The company also is acting as NoBo for 5 EU Directives such: PED, simple pressure vessels, machinery, construction products and lifts.

Swiss Approval is Certification Body for a wide range of technical professions, extendable to economic and management related professions.
Address: 45, Kraiezerna Street, floor 3

Burgas, 8000

Contact person: Vessela Mihailova
Phone: .: +359 056 706 123, +359 0 887 577 113