Sqilline Business Solutions OOD
Sqilline is a technology and Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) company that expertise in Healthcare Big Data technology, Machine Learning algorithms and AI.  We have developed an Analytics platform for real-world dataDanny Platform is able to evaluate massive amounts of unique patient records from multiple sources (EHRs, registries, labs, etc). The software provides comprehensive searches, in-depth analyses, predictions and treatment solutions to physicians, researchers, and payers.  Sqilline’s data analytics capabilities enable hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and reimbursement agencies to gain insight into real-world evidence of patient care, particularly in this era of value-based care.
Address: Panorama Sofia Street 11 B, office 7
Contact person: Nadia Mesika
Phone: +359 885 030 868
E-mail: nadia.mesika@sqilline.com
Website: www.sqilline.com