SIBEL Ltd. are a long-standing distributor of electro-technical products and materials of world-leading producers including the Swiss  companies: VON ROLL, Weidmann and Huber+Suhner.
Products: electrical insulating materials; cables and wires; cable terminals; tubing; terminal boards and boxes; thermal protectors and varistors; special fasteners; fans and fan covers; shaft keys; impregnating varnishes and resins; friction materials for brakes; capacitors; nipples; aluminum frames for el. motors; bearing springs; simmering; electric motors; banding tapes and adhesive tapes; traffic lights; supporting ropes for antennas and components for the electrical engineering industry.
1505 Sofia
102 Oborishte str.
tel: +359 2 944 22 36; 944 22 63
fax: +359 2 944 22 56
Contact person: Ivo Russev