It all started 25 years ago with a dream – the dream of creating unique kitchens with timeless design that are resistant to trends and are made to last. From that moment on, we strive for perfection every day, creating a product in which function and aesthetics live in complete harmony, and the focus is placed on people and their needs.

Our mission is to design beautiful spaces that bring people together for shared moments of happiness. This is the source of our inspiration in creating each unique SARTIE kitchen.

Custom-made, SARTIE kitchens are unique pieces of craftsmanship that meet the demands and preferences of clients from around the world. They combine the perfect balance between elegance, precision and excellence in every detail. It is important for us to know our customers and their individual needs well, so that our product brings them true happiness. To create Your personalized kitchen, we offer You the possibility to combine different modules and systems, with a variety of materials, finishes and details.

The control at all stages of the production of SARTIE kitchens guarantees high quality and precision in manufacturing, reliability, safety and durability of the product, created with special attention to detail. Therefore, after years of daily use Your kitchen will retain its beauty

12 Tzar Osvoboditel Str., Bankya, Bulgaria
Contact person: Alexander Kirilov
Phone: +359895622277