New Energy Corp. Ltd

New Energy Corporation Ltd. is an engineering company, established to develop and implement energy-saving and environmentally friendly technologies. We believe in providing new technologies that lower harmful emissions along with reducing the production costs. New Energy Corporation innovations are created to higher the standards and quality of our future infused with more Hydrogen.

Since 2014 we design and construct Oxy-Hydrogen generators- electolizers to separate water to  molecules oxygen and hydrogen. The NEC Ltd. generators are unique for their reliability, packed size and cost effective Oxy-Hydrogen gas production.

In the years we work on technology improvements and cost effective gas production, which made us proud owners of 3 pending patents  and 3 Utility models of Oxy-Hydrogen gas implementation.

Our main technologies are:

  • DPF and catalytic recycling of:
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • Heavy duty machines;
  • Mobile generators for Hydrogen gas inhaling;
  • Water saturation with Hydrogen;

As part of our respect to our planet we choose to look for synergy. This is why we include two Universities to work on our projects. We also build a partnership with the swiss company Treelium. Company with core expertise on Ultrasonic hydrodynamic activation and generation of micro and nan bubbles.

Address: Sofia 1225, Nesho Bonchev str. 26
Contact person: Deyan Deltchev