National Business Network

National Business Network was established on 19.03.2004 as a legal non profit entity in private benefit.

The National Business Network / NBN / was created according to the principles and spheres of action of the European Charter for SMEs (small and middle enterprises). NBN members are companies from various sectors all over the country . The Association has established offices in major cities throughout the country and combines hundreds of small and medium enterprises.

NBN is designed to assist the development of small and medium business, i.e. to provide information to Bulgarian companies and to support cooperation between them, as well as establishing and supporting international contact and cooperation.

One of our main goals is to provide preferential goods and services for our members. In this regard, we actively seek contacts with reputable suppliers of quality services that are useful for the activities of our companies. Therein, as an expression of mutual interests and intentions for improving and developing the social dialogue, undersigned cooperation agreements are aimed at:
• Exchange of information
• Partnership for implementation of projects under EU programs
• Joint participation in other projects and initiatives
• Arranging and conducting of seminars, workshops, presentations and studies
• Activities of mutual interest, approved by the governing bodies in accordance with the principles of independence, autonomy and mutual benefit.
адрес: гр. София, ж.к. “Дървеница”, ул. “Лъчезар Станчев” 9
телефон/факс: 02 / 871 37 56
лице за връзка – Десислава Иванова