Mattig-Levercom Management Partners OOD

Mattig-Levercom Management Partners OOD is a Swiss-Bulgarian company, registered in July 2009, through the acquisition by Mattig Management Partners, Switzerland, of the majority share of the local consultant firm Levercom OOD. Mattig Management Partners (ММР), together with Mattig-Suter Treuhand form the Mattig group, one of the 10 largest consulting companies in Switzerland, which has around 120 employees. It is certified by ISO-9001 and has a classification according to ISO-9004. Apart from Bulgaria, the group has offices in Switzerland, Austria and Romania. For more detailed information : , Our activities: 1. Preparation of investment strategies, feasibility studies, business plans – development and planning, proposals for project financing through suitable financial instruments, etc. 2. Financial management – financial planning, financial engineering, Cash Flow and liquidity Management. 3. Mergers and acquisitions М&А – full support in the process of structuring the deal, identification of the business partners, negotiation process, etc. 4. Energy Efficiency projects – structuring of the projects, evaluation of the technical-economic efficiency, financing schemes, management of the energy efficiency project. 5. Restructuring and recovery of businesses – Turnaround management – (TAM) • Complete ТАМ – analysis of the situation, evaluation of the chances for survival, SWOT analysis, development of a strategy and action for plan overcoming the crisis. • Partial ТАМ – seeking new markets, restructuring of the liabilities of the firms towards financial institutions, negotiations with the creditors and potential partners for acquisition of the company. 6. Risk Management – developed own system for risk management, with software, which is implemented in the client firm, taking into account the specifics of the respective business. There are two systems – for micro- and small enterprises, and for medium and large companies. 7. Outsourcing – attracting foreign business partners, with interest to outsource in Bulgaria, full support in the various stages of the outsourcing process. 8. Preparation and Management of European projects – preparation, support in the financing and complete management of European projects. 9. Market Entry Services – assistance to Bulgarian export-oriented firms for entering new markets in German-speaking countries and Romania, as well as to foreign companies in Bulgaria.

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