Cedar Foundation

The Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit organization that works for positive change in state policies and public attitudes towards disadvantaged children and adults.

We were the first to close down a state-run orphanage for children with disabilities and provoke deinstitutionalization policy in Bulgaria. Since we were established in 2005, we have supported the transfer of over 1500 disadvantaged children and youth from the state orphanages to contemporary family-type centers. Currently, the Cedar Foundation manages 9 social services and provides 24-hour individual care and specialized support to 100 children and young adults, most of whom with disabilities. We constantly develop expertise that we share on the local, national, and international level. We participate in working groups and expert councils with the national authorities in order to achieve full social change in Bulgaria. We actively advocate for the rights of children and adults with disabilities and their inclusion in society. We also promote volunteering and corporate social responsibility as generators for social change.

69 Bulgaria Blvd., Infinity Tower, fl.3, Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact person: Alexandrina Dimitrova

+ 359 2 441 43 45