Balkantex AD

Balkantex Ltd. has been operating for 15 years now and has firmly positioned itself on the European textile and clothing market.

Balkantex Ltd. provides international, volume-oriented customers with the best possible environment for successful cooperation: an experienced senior management, a creative designer team, accuracy in terms of sample production and order processing and a network of more than 50 production sites for men’s and women’s wear, professional and functional clothing and uniforms.

Long-standing and reliable partnerships are an asset that helps us meet our customers’ high standards with regard to prices, short-term delivery, fashion design and workmanship.
Balkantex Ltd.
Head Office
Manastirski Livadi
Charles Champeau Str. 112
BG‐1404 Sofia

Phone: +359 (0)2 861 14 00
Fax: +359 (0)2 861 15 00