Company “ATE PLAST” LTD was established in 1994 in Stara Zagora under the name “AGROTRADEENGENEERING” LTD as a foreign trade company. In the first years of company existence 70% of production is directed mainly to Greece and other Balkan countries, as the product range is aimed primarily at the production of agricultural films.
In 2003 the company made a strategic investment in high-tech five layer coextruded films line that allows the company of leading manufacturer of agricultural films can be redirected to the market of food packaging and gradually began to take positions in western countries like the Netherlands and Germany.
In 2008 the growing consumption of packaging requires the company to make another investment with the purchase of a modern three-layer system with additional capacity by 40%. It contains the most innovative solutions leading to high and consistent product quality. The investment was repeated in 2012 with increased capacity by 30%
In 2013″ATE PLAST” LTD invests in new factory for printing and lamination of flexible packaging.
Today “ATE PALST” LTD stably held a position as a one of the biggest leading manufacturers of polyethylene films in Bulgaria with a share of production for export by 80%. Thanks to the constant modernization and individual attention to every client.

kv.Industrialen 14B, Stara Zagora 6000, Bulgaria

Contact person: Teodora Zhelyazkova

+ 359 887 303 829