e-globe solutions AG
e-globe solutions AG was founded in 2014 as a software house with a specific focus on the automation and digitalisation of work processes. We offer software products for the digitalisation of work processes and we develop and operate software solutions in the electricity and telecom industry, as well as in the e-health market, real estate market and the construction industry. The core team of e-globe solutions AG has 20 years of experience in these markets.

Our focus is to create valuable solutions for our customers by developing state-of-the-art software products. In cooperation with our customers we analyse work processes and identify optimisation potential for digitisation. Based on the analyses we adapt our products and develop and integrate specific solutions for our customers.

Our development methods are based on human-centered design and agile principles: “Hear, Create, Deliver”. We combine our customers’ expertise with our experience in optimisation and automation, thereby expanding the possibilities of interaction between men and machine.

Address: Schwarztorstrasse 11, 3007 Bern
Contact person: Peter Ganev
Phone: +359 885 290 250
E-mail: peter.ganev@e-globe-solutions.com
Website: www.e-globe-solutions.com