Preferential conditions for Chamber members from Farenah Concept

The first concept store in Bulgaria, situated at the corner of Battenberg and Saborna streets, that gives shopping completely new dimensions exclusively grants 10% discount to all members of the Bulgarian Swiss Chamber of Commence.

The discount is applied on the following categories of goods:

  1. Fashion and Accessories – Farenah Concept hosts various designers from all over the world. The exclusive selection of well know designers as well as new names in the fashion industry widens the horizons of each customer and stimulates his/her individual style. The limited collections transform the aesthetic combination of all these designers into a fashion adventure and a fun experiment.
  2. Niche Perfumery and Cosmetics – Niche perfumery is alternative to mass perfume production. The use of natural components is the main feature of niche perfumery. Essences, oils and natural aphrodisiacs turn selectives in something more than simply perfume. This is aromatherapy for gourmets. Any natural substance is far more complicated, than an artificial one, it stays longer on the skin and shows different sides in every person. Niche perfume houses do not recognize advertising. For them, the best ad is their good reputation. Niche perfumes are distributed in strictly bounded quantity and only in specialized shops. Though, perfumers, who work with selectives, do not want to make their brands popular. Vice versa, their aim is exclusiveness, which is by definition cannot be massive.
  3. Designer Furniture and Interior Objects – the interior proposals by Farenah Concept are bold and innovative, provocative and creative. The choice of materials is unconventional – from paper and textile to fiber cement.

In addition to the discount on the items described above, Farenah Concept also grants 20% discount when organizing an event in the first Champagne Hall in Bulgaria, situated above the retail space of the store. The elegant and distinctive atmosphere of our champagne hall is suitable for different events – private or corporate gatherings, art exhibitions, fashion shows, promotional campaigns etc. The convenient location in the heart of Sofia, the premium drinks and elegant environment make our Champagne Hall the best choice for any event.

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